In Its Time I Will Hasten Him

Law of Messiah


The most common objection to the figure of Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth as the long awaited and promised Messiah of Israel runs thus: ‘If Yeshua were really the Jewish Messiah, why is there no peace in the world?” A survey of the Talmud’s discussions on the subject of the messianic expectations reveals the lack of uniformity as to who the Messiah is, what he is to accomplish, and how (b.Sanhedrin 97a-99a).

On the identity of the Messiah, Maimonides (the Rambam) put it this way, that if a person – a potential Moshiach begins to accomplish those tasks and seems to possess the specific, requisite character traits, we can assume that he is the Moshiach. However, the final identification will take place only after he accomplishes each and every one of those tasks – (Hilchos Melachim 11:4). But the question is, does this disqualify Yeshua as the promised Messiah, or is he…

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Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?

ACEs Too High

ADonnaDadWhen I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning my feet as I stood, paralyzed, and watched the paramedics take away my father. It was as if I knew those flashing lights were a harbinger that my childhood was over.

At the hospital, a surgeon performed “minor” elective bowel surgery on my young dad. The surgeon made an error, and instead of my father coming home to the “welcome home” banners we’d painted, he died.

The medical care system failed my father miserably. Then the medical care system began to fail me.

At fourteen, I started fainting. The doctors implied I was trying to garner attention. In college I began having full seizures. I kept them to myself, fearful of seeming a modern Camille. I’d awaken on the floor drenched…

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No Longer Bound

Heaven and Earth

Yesterday I saw my therapist. She’s a believer and has been a help to me. I highly advise it if needed. I was explaining a situation and she gave her feedback. A lot of it was confirmation for me. Reassuring. I’d say I spoke for about 30 minutes on something in particular. My counselor looked at me and said, “You need to stop letting this have power over you.” It doesn’t matter. These people don’t really matter, in a sense. I’m living this moment and I need to focus on now and my future. She then added something that just resounded in every part of me: I am no longer bound. It’s MY choice to stay that way.


I’ve been wondering how many times in my life, and in your life, do we allow ourselves to stay bound to something that really is powerless? It might be an addiction, past…

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Surviving the End Times requires a three legged stool…


Has anyone noticed the crazy acceleration of events in the last few months?  Seriously!  If in the last few years the world looked like it was coming unglued, today, there can be no 3 legged stooldoubt.  Much like an engine over revving, the faster/farther we go, the smaller the hiccup required to cause this spinning top to completely explode!

Events in the US alone indicate that this economy/culture/society are on the brink of disaster, but Europe is in total meltdown and the Mideast continues to boil at an ever more violent rate.

While discussing current events with a close friend, I made the comment, ‘You know, survival takes a three legged stool?’ An interesting discussion ensued.

Honestly, none of us are prepared, though many have a good start.  Here are some thoughts that each of us need to consider

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