What is Sin?

Faith, Grace, and Torah

whati s sin

What is sin? Seems like a crazy question right? I mean, all the people who follow the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus should have no problem answering this question, but unfortunately, this is not the case. I asked seven Pastors this question and I got several different answers. Some said it was “missing the mark”, so I asked, ”what does missing the mark mean?”. They could not answer that simple question. Some said it is doing what is displeasing to Elohim/God. So I asked, “How can I know what is displeasing to God?”. This one both Pastors replied the same. They said, “The Holy Spirit will lead you and tell you what is pleasing and what is not pleasing to God”. So I asked, “How can I be sure that it is the Holy Spirit giving me revelation or if it is a seducing spirit that is whispering to me”? Niether could answer…

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