September 13, 2014 Shabbat Bible Study

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September 13, 2014 Shabbat Bible Study

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Shemoth 39:33-40:38, YeshaYahu 33:20-34:8, Tehellim 69, Gilyahna 15:1-8

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Shemoth 39.33-43 – Last week we went beyond our portion to the end of ch.39 where we saw that Betzaleel and Aholiav had completed the work on the Mishkan and all its furnishings and brought them to Moshe for final QA and construction. We saw in vv.32, 42 and 43 that when Moshe saw the completed work, b’nei Yisrael had made everything exactly as he had instructed Betzaleel and Aholiav, who had supervised all the work b’nei Yisrael had done. We saw how Moshe had been shown the true Mishkan in heaven while he was 40 days in the mount in the presence of Y’hovah in his throneroom (which explains how he could go 40 days without…

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