Truth or Delusion ? . . . we have a decision to make . . .


The link below was posted this morning. As soon as I saw it a chill came over me. There is a spirit of death associated with this and was and will be celebrated by people all across this land. The really sad and frightening part is believers in Messiah will be participating in this set apart day to Satan. In churches across this nation people will be dressing up in what they call ” good and friendly” costumes to hand out candy and tracts to try and draw in and convert people to the God of the Bible through the work of the Saviour, the very God and Saviour who’s Words stand against the very tool (halloween) being used. My question is convert people to what?
What difference is there in the holy days of the world ( halloween, christmas, easter, valentines day) and the holy days that are being…

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