Calling All Kiwis!


BFB151022 Kiwi SilhouetteNew ZealandOne of the best things about blogging is connecting with people from all over the world.  This week I had the pleasure of meeting via email Sonya Wilson of New Zealand.  She contacted me asking if I could help her find other Messianic/Hebrew Roots believers in her country.  The reason is a very big dream:  Sonya hopes to bring Brad Scott to New Zealand’s North Island for a teaching tour in 2016!  

Now I am doubly blessed:  not only do I now have a connection in New Zealand, but I can help Sonya get the word out about this very important initiative.  Please take a look at the information she has provided.  If you are a Kiwi, please get in touch with her.  If you’re not a Kiwi, please pass this information on in expectation that YHVH will get it to the people who need to know.

(As an…

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Building a stronger tribe

Excellent Insight, young Lady Callie . . .

Raising Ruth

We have all heard of the mythical mom tribes. A group of women that would join together and build each other up so that together, they could achieve so much more than they ever could alone. Instead of competing, they embraced each other’s talents and accepted each other’s weakness. Together they covered each other’s gaps and in return had theirs covered as well.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? But to me, relationships seem so difficult at times. Of course, they all have hurdles but typically relationships are founded on all of the good stuff with a little difficulty sprinkled in. We need to magnify that good stuff. We should be laughing with family and friends around a table. Sharing a meal that was made with love and effort. We should be listening to those who are hurting. Encouraging those who have fallen. We should be searching for ways to serve one…

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July 11, 2015 Shabbat Bible Study

Fulfilling Torah Ministries

July 11, 2015 Shabbat Bible Study

©2015 Mark Pitrone and Fulfilling Torah Ministries

July 14, 2012 – Year 3 Sabbath 17

B’midbar 28:1-29:40 (30.1 in Torah) – Yechezkel 45:13-25 – Tehellim 115 – Ivrit 10:1-39


B’midbar 28 – This whole passage is about the additional offerings to be made on the Shabbat, the new moons and the Feasts. These are additional offerings that the priests were to offer in the Mishkan and the future temple. These are not personal offerings, like the families’ Pesach lambs. These are the national offerings. If the priests had to make all these offerings for each family in Israel – or even just for the citizens of Jerusalem, they would be there for MONTHS to try to slaughter that many animals, AND the flocks and herds would be severely depleted in a season – MUCH less in a year. Now think about the need for 7 million…

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Time to share . . .



The following dream came on the heels of a time in which we were teaching, with the blessing of the pastor, in a main-stream denominational setting, and suddenly the door to that teaching opportunity closed. I asked the LORD ‘why ?’. Why are they no longer receiving ? I kept asking of the LORD and this is the dream HE gave me in response to my continued asking. Although I received this dream from Abba almost 10 years ago, Jerry & I feel compelled that now is the time to make it public. Shalom – Rhonda






I was breast-feeding a baby and all seemed well and suddenly the infant began to choke. I sat the baby up and began to pat it on the back. As I was doing this, I noticed something in the infant’s mouth. I reached in the baby’s mouth to…

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Truth or Delusion ? . . . we have a decision to make . . .


The link below was posted this morning. As soon as I saw it a chill came over me. There is a spirit of death associated with this and was and will be celebrated by people all across this land. The really sad and frightening part is believers in Messiah will be participating in this set apart day to Satan. In churches across this nation people will be dressing up in what they call ” good and friendly” costumes to hand out candy and tracts to try and draw in and convert people to the God of the Bible through the work of the Saviour, the very God and Saviour who’s Words stand against the very tool (halloween) being used. My question is convert people to what?
What difference is there in the holy days of the world ( halloween, christmas, easter, valentines day) and the holy days that are being…

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